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1,000 Candidates a Day? I’m Capable of That

Recruiters today recognize that they can, and probably should, do most or all of their sourcing online and through social media, but many recruiters don’t know how to go about it.

Fix Your Reputation and Reap the Rewards

Yesterday’s Advisor explored a recent survey suggesting that the majority of American workers don’t want to work at a company with a bad reputation. Today we’ll explore some ways to rectify a bad reputation or maintain and improve a decent one.

Bad Reputation Means Bad Hires

The vast majority of Americans would not work for a company with a bad reputation even if they are unemployed. There are a lot of ways a company can offend the average applicant, and mending its ways might be the only way to score great talent.

Employment Branding: Software, Training, Success

Yesterday’s Advisor featured tips from Heather Polivka for building your brand with employee ambassadors. Today we will discuss more of her tips, including software to help training and levels of employee involvement. Polivka, senior director of Global Employer Branding & Marketing at United Health Group, offered her branding tips at the HR Technology Conference held […]

Employment Branding: Activate Your Employees as Ambassadors

One of the best ways to attract new talent is by building your brand with employee brand ambassadors, says Heather Polivka. But make sure to train them before you let them loose, she adds. Polivka, senior director of Global Employer Branding & Marketing United Health Group, offered her branding tips at the HR Technology Conference […]

The Best of the Best in Employment Branding

We have heard quite a bit from John Sullivan, PhD, professor, author, corporate speaker, and advisor, over the last few weeks concerning employment branding. Today we wrap up our discussion with his thoughts on the best examples of employment branding he’s encountered. We asked Sullivan what he thought were the best companies as far as […]

Which Companies Get Employment Branding Right?

Yesterday Dr. John Sullivan shared his thoughts with us about employment branding. Today, we wrap up our conversation with him by discussing those companies that he finds most successful at employment branding. We asked Sullivan what he thought were the best companies as far as employment branding was concerned. He shared his thoughts based on […]

2015 Your HR Department Survey Promotion

Available from October 5 to October 29, this month’s survey asks questions about holiday practices, including: Which HR functions are outsourced? What do you think is the biggest challenge your HR department will face over the next 18 months? What is HR’s role in strategic business planning for your company? How would you describe the […]

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Your Job Website

We had a chance to ask Dr. John Sullivan—author, corporate speaker, professor, and advisor—about employment branding during a recent webinar. Today we’ll hear how he addressed the topics of alumni programs and external versus internal brand development. Q: Could you share some best practices for maintaining a pipeline or candidate pool of potential recruits? A: […]

Keep Them on the Hook with Alumni Programs

We recently discussed employment branding with professor, corporate speaker, author, and advisor Dr. John Sullivan. Today we hear from him on alumni programs and external brand development. Q: In regards to alumni networks, how should the group be limited to those you know love your company? Some workers leave because they were involuntarily terminated, or […]