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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Broad-Based Variable Compensation Plans

As the economy crumbled around our collective feet, the proper design of a compensation program may not have seemed like a priority. But with more candidates than jobs available and the U.S. unemployment rate determined to break into double digits, you may be surprised to learn that compensation programs continue to play a vital role […]

An Executive’s Thoughts on Executive Pay

Imagine for a moment that you own a company. Unfortunately, your company, like many companies recently, has experienced some problems that have put its mere survival in question. You’ve taken action, removed the employees who were responsible for creating most of the problems, and even brought in a new senior executive — a seasoned industry […]

Holidays 2008 Survey

It’s time for HRHero’s annual holiday survey to see how many holidays companies are offering during the next 12 months and how the economy will affect their holiday celebrations and bonuses. This year’s survey starts with the Thanksgiving holiday this month and goes through October 2009. And speaking of holidays, HR Hero Line will take […]