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Q&A: Looking at Remote Workers and Employment Authorization

Yesterday we heard from Holly Jones on how the recent administration’s aggressive enforcement of immigration policies might influence I-9s and other authorizations for remote workers. Today we’ll look into who else can serve as an authorized member, plus the bottom line. By Holly Jones

More Cutting-Edge Talent Development Tips

By Sandy Pennington In yesterday’s Advisor, Sandy Pennington, chief people and process officer for Clinicient, provided two tips on how you can begin building a cutting-edge talent development program. Today Pennington continues with three more tips and key takeaways for our readers.

A Lucky Employer Dodges an I-9 Fine

By Holly Jones, JD In yesterday’s Advisor, BLR® Senior Legal Editor Holly Jones, JD, discussed some of the unique challenges and pitfalls surrounding completion of the I-9 form. Today Jones discusses the case of an employer that was nearly handed a huge fine—and some important I-9 takeaways for employers.

FLSA Exemptions: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls

Yesterday we heard advice from expert Kara Shea concerning Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemptions and audits. Today, more from Shea on how to stay out of legal hot water when it comes to these tricky matters.

Should I Do Video Interviews?

In yesterday’s Advisor Attorney Jacob Monty gave his advice for employers using social media. Today we’ll look at how he views video and Skype® interviews.

Social Media Training Shouldn’t Be Ignored

In yesterday’s Advisor, Francine Esposito, Esq., partner at Day Pitney LLP, discussed the challenge of managing employees’ use of social media and the consequences of taking improper actions. Today, Esposito elaborates on a different set of consequences: those that arise from not taking any action at all on the issue of social media.

Bad Hires, Bad for the Bottom Line

With the recent upward trend of the economy and new lows in unemployment, employers have fewer applicants for their job openings than they are comfortable with. What happens when they settle for a less-than-great employee?

Mixing Diversity, Inclusion, and Business Objectives for a Better Bottom Line

New research shows that 70 percent of organizations surveyed are missing out on benefits associated with leading talent activities. It turns out that if you combine diversity and inclusion practices with your company goals, you stand to make a lot more money. Organizations that align diversity and inclusion practices to business objectives are more likely […]