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Worried About Brain Drain? Focusing on Older Workers Can Help

A recent study from Guild, a workplace education provider, explored what keeps employers up at night. Topping the list of worries business leaders named for 2024 was a loss of institutional knowledge as workers retire, with 82% of respondents citing that issue. That same study found that 93% of the business leaders responding were eager […]

Succession Planning 2012—All About the Brain Drain

We can’t avoid a simple fact—We’re dealing with an aging workforce. For example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that over one-third of the civilian employees working for the federal government are eligible for retirement. The same situation exists, but to a somewhat lesser degree, in the workforce as a whole. Companies can’t duck the […]

Effects of Baby Boomers Leaving the Workplace

While demographics may not be destiny, current trends point to a significant worker shortage in the next decade. This article discusses some of the possible results of these trends and potential employer responses. Learn more about the multigenerational workplace with Diversity Insight Where have all the workers gone? The generation of the Beatles, bell-bottoms, and, […]