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Duty to disclose medical condition in pre-employment questionnaire

by Simon Laberge This article discusses questioning employees about essential functions when hiring in Canada. Trust is a fundamental element in the relationship between an employer and an employee. That relationship of trust can be breached in various ways during the course of employment including during the hiring process when an employer questions candidates to […]

Disloyal conduct may justify termination

by Mohamed Badreddine There is little dispute that senior employees owe a duty of good faith and loyalty to their employers. But what about junior employees—do they owe their employers the same duty? And if so, can they be fired if they violate that duty? Depending on the situation, the answer may be yes—at least […]

Employee Awarded $500,000 for Bad Faith Termination

By Donna Gallant As we reported four weeks ago (Shocking Arbitration Decision in Ontario), a prominent Canadian arbitrator recently ordered the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) to pay more than $500,000 in damages, finding that it failed to take reasonable steps to ascertain the truth about an employee’s medical condition and fired her for sick […]