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For many people working in the post-COVID era, the traditional practice of commuting to the office for a 9-to-5 (come on, we all know it’s 8–5!) job 5 days a week seems like a distant memory of a different time. Now that so many workers have been exposed to remote work and other flexible working […]

Navigating the Burnout Epidemic in the Workplace

Imagine hitting a wall—emotionally, physically, and mentally—after weeks, months, or even years of high stress at work. That’s burnout. It’s not just a bad day; it’s a chronic condition marked by extreme exhaustion and dwindling interest in your job, which can leave you feeling less capable at work. Why Should Organizations Care? When burnout spreads […]

Worried About Brain Drain? Focusing on Older Workers Can Help

A recent study from Guild, a workplace education provider, explored what keeps employers up at night. Topping the list of worries business leaders named for 2024 was a loss of institutional knowledge as workers retire, with 82% of respondents citing that issue. That same study found that 93% of the business leaders responding were eager […]

Wondering What Workers Want? Research Gives Employers Some Clues

There’s no denying that all the upheaval over the last few years has had an outsized effect on the workforce. Among other things, employees weathered a worldwide health crisis and its resulting economic disruption along with the rise of artificial intelligence, which to many workers seems as scary as it is promising. With so much […]

Leaders Leaving the Workforce: Best Practices from Healthcare CEOs

The staffing shortage affects not only the bedside nurse, but also the nurse leader. A new report from AMN Healthcare found that 31% of nurse leaders said they plan to be in a different role a year from now. AMN Healthcare’s 2024 Survey of Nurse Leaders also says that 17% of nurse leaders will look for a new place […]

How Workplace Drama Can Impact a Company’s Bottom Line: How to Avoid It

We know it when we see it—the drama that insidiously creeps into our workplaces, chipping away at morale, well-being, productivity and, yes, the bottom line. This drama can include both gossiping about co-workers and undermining institutional change. In other words, workplace drama is everything that commandeers mental energy, directing it away from the organization’s mission […]

How Learning & Development Can Power Your Sales Engine

Today, sales professionals are facing the barriers of inflation, heightened competition, a lack of high-quality leads, and longer deal cycles, with 54% saying their job was more difficult in 2023 than in previous years. These challenges can be overwhelming for sales professionals, leading to high levels of burnout and a decline in job performance, productivity, […]

Uncovering the Connection: Caregiving, Burnout, and the Workplace

Burnout is the state of mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress and can manifest both physically and mentally, with symptoms like insomnia, irritability, fatigue, and a general lack of motivation. Burnout is increasingly prevalent in workplaces, leading to heightened absenteeism, a trend of “quiet quitting,” and employee turnover. Its repercussions can have significant economic impacts.  […]

How to Alleviate Burnout: A Look into the Healthcare Industry

As burnout continues to weaken the workforce at hospitals across the country, CEOs must take action to create a sustainable environment for their employees. According to more than 20,000 physicians and more than 32,000 nurses surveyed for a KLAS Arch Collaborative report, improving staffing and aligning leadership with staff were the number one and number two […]

Tackling Employee Burnout – Apple’s Approach

Burnout is an increasingly prevalent issue in today’s fast-paced business world, affecting employee well-being and productivity. Recognizing this challenge, Apple, a well-established leader in innovation, has implemented a surprisingly simple yet effective strategy to combat employee burnout. Understanding Burnout and Its Impact on Business Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused […]