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No Lack of Stress Among Millennials

Burnout, a syndrome stemming from workplace stress, has, at one time or another, affected virtually the entire U.S. workforce. Lhasa OMS recently did a study of 2,010 young Americans, with the goal of learning more about their stress levels at work. The findings showed that 4 out of 5 Millennials were stressed several times per […]


Your Business’s Obligation to Invest in Wellness

There are three certain things in life—death, work, and taxes. And work is usually stressful. Currently, 3 in 5 workers (61%) feel burned out in their current job,[1] and nearly a third (31%) report high levels of stress at work.[2] That’s why, from the moment I hire someone, I make sure he or she knows […]

Moderation in all things

by Mark I. Schickman What brings job satisfaction to employees is a key inquiry for every HR professional. And, as we have written before, that answer changes with the times and with the circumstances. Boomers wanted job security and were often most comfortable when they were taking detailed instructions from supervisors. Successively, those values have […]

After-hours e-mail: Boost to productivity or trigger for burnout?

Finding the right balance between work and personal time can be tough, but it’s especially challenging when the e-mail from the office never stops. Even when the volume of off-hours messages isn’t enough to be a serious time drain, it still interrupts personal time. So can just the nagging thought that an e-mail from the […]