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Even Small Businesses Can Reward Talent

Yesterday we heard from Michael F. Brown of Camden Consulting Group on the topic of HR strategy and small businesses. Today we’ll look at how even small businesses can benefit from rewarding their talent.

Even Small Businesses Need an HR Strategy

Today we’ll hear from Michael F. Brown of Camden Consulting Group concerning why small businesses really do need to make the most of HR strategies.

Are You Using Stay Interviews?

Turnover costs employers more than they’d like to admit. On average, an employee stays at a position for 4.6 years. Additionally, many employers believe that their college graduates won’t stay more than 2 years. How can you deal with this problem, especially in a climate of talent shortages? The answer just might be the stay […]

Stay Interviews—Asking the Right Questions

In yesterday’s Advisor, Erin Pappo, client services director for Camden Consulting Group, discussed the value of stay interviews to organizations. Today, Pappo reveals 10 questions to ask in a stay interview and how to use the feedback effectively.