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Character Counts

My oldest son was home from college recently and asked me to read a paper he was working on. The paper, for a business management class he is taking, was about leadership. I didn’t have to read very long before I found my son addressing the topic of the character of a leader. I must […]

The Number One Lesson in Business

Recently, I spoke to a group of Vanderbilt University students. The university has a class for aspiring entrepreneurs that regularly brings in business owners to share their professional experiences. When I inquired what it was they would like me to speak about, my instructions were to “just tell your story and share the lessons you’ve […]

Do Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures?

Is anyone else concerned about the decisions being made by companies during the current economic crisis?  Let me rephrase that. Is anyone else concerned about the decisions being made by the PEOPLE inside some companies during the economic crisis? Let’s face it, people make decisions. The decisions may be made on behalf of an organization, […]

Trickle-Down Diversity Isn’t Enough

Talk about juxapostions: The birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with the inauguration of Barack Obama. From being hosed in Selma, Alabama, to taking the oath of the Presidency. We all applaud this progess. From a macro view, it gladens my heart. But I am an employment lawyer, and the micro view saddens me. […]

Why Race Is Still Important

A Q & A with Georgetown University’s Christopher Metzler In a way, Christopher Metzler is responsible for diversity increasingly being taken seriously as an integral part of any organization’s business strategy. After all, while at Cornell University, he created the nation’s first certification program for diversity professionals. And as associate dean at Georgetown University’s School […]