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Veteran Tech Start-Up Is Disrupting Engagement in the Military, Civilian, and Business Communities

Did you hear about the tech start-up that is accelerating how career seekers and veteran entrepreneurs engage with the civilian sector? It is creating unprecedented opportunities for thousands of U.S. servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses looking to start a new career after military service.


Recruiting Veterans Is Easier Than Ever Before

Recruiters are always looking for the latest technology to make their lives easier. And when it comes to recruiting veterans into civilian roles, recruiters are in luck! Earlier this year, CareerBuilder announced that it was collaborating with Google Cloud to transform the industry standard for job search.


Veteran Recruiting: How Hiring Military Veterans Can Boost Your Company Brand

You probably hear a lot about hiring veterans and the value they bring into the civilian workforce. There are hundreds of articles and studies written about it. In fact, there are even data that suggest how veterans are outperforming their civilian counterparts at work. There is good reason why some companies invest in hiring veterans. […]