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Child Labor Continues to Be a Significant Problem in 2024

According to the Department of Labor (DOL), recent years have seen an enormous increase in the amount of child labor violations within the United States. For example, the DOL found child labor violations affecting 5,792 children in fiscal year (FY) 2023, up from 3,876 in FY 2022. In response, Congress, the Biden administration, and the […]

States Toy with Idea of Loosening Child Labor Laws Amid Tight Labor Market

The labor shortage businesses are facing across the country has been lingering for years, with some arguing the trend can be traced back to the 2008 financial crisis. Businesses faced with worker shortages have tried a variety of strategies to mitigate the challenges: signing bonuses and increased wages, increased use of automation and customer self-service […]

DOL Actions Highlight 3 Crucial Child Labor Protections Categories

With labor shortages leaving fast food and other minimum-wage work environments short-staffed, many businesses are relying on teenage employees to fill the void. But employers must be aware of applicable child labor laws, which aim to protect minors’ health and safety and to avoid interfering with their education. Employers should keep in mind three major […]