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Employment Lawsuits: State High Court Deals Employers a Blow Regarding Arbitration of Overtime Claims; Practical Impact

Although employers have received some welcome rulings from the California Supreme Court over the past few months, a new high court decision squelches a tool some employers had used to prevent class action lawsuits in the wage and hour context. We’ll explain the court’s reasoning and what it means for you.

News Notes: Circuit City Arbitration Agreement Struck Down Again

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which covers California, has issued another in a string of rulings invalidating mandatory arbitration agreements used by electronics retailer Circuit City. In the latest case, Circuit City employee Paul Mantor claimed the company indicated to employees that they risked their future with the retailer if they chose not to […]

News Notes: Ninth Circuit Says Title VII Claims May Be Arbitrated

  Several years ago, the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that mandatory arbitration agreements are unenforceable for discrimination claims brought under Title VII, the federal anti-bias law. But the court has now called this ruling into question. In a new case, the court found that Circuit City employee Monir Najd had to arbitrate […]

News Notes: Opt-Out Arbitration Clause Saves Lopsided Agreement

The federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently tossed out a mandatory arbitration agreement signed by a Circuit City employee because it was unduly lopsided in the employer’s favor (see CEA March 2002). But in another case involving identical arbitration provisions, the court has ruled that employee Mohammad Sharfuddin Ahmed was required to arbitrate his […]

Arbitration: High Court Says Employers Can Require Workers To Arbitrate Employment Disputes; Make Sure Your Agreements Will Hold Up

State and federal courts have grappled for years with the question of whether employers can compel workers to submit their employment disputes to arbitration. Now, in a major victory for employers, the U.S. Supreme Court has cleared up the confusion, giving employers the go-ahead to use mandatory arbitration agreements. The high court decision, coupled with […]