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What Should Your Company Code of Ethics Contain?

A single corporate scandal can be enough to leave a company’s reputation in tatters in no time. From Volkswagen’s emissions scandal to the collapse of Enron, cases of corporate misconduct have prompted companies across the globe to take measures to make sure employees put their most ethical foot forward.  A company’s code of ethics lays […]


Mitigating Compliance Risk in the Midst of COVID-19

Around the world, governments and regulators have recognized the need to unburden businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, relaxing certain rules and expectations in recognition of the unprecedented challenges businesses and their workforces now face.

Building an ethical culture: What HR needs to know

Human resources professionals spend a lot of time working to create a respectful work environment. Much of that effort is necessary to stay in compliance with antidiscrimination and other workplace laws, but a true focus on ethics goes beyond legal compliance.  Susan Alevas, an attorney, management consultant, and president of Alevas Consulting Group, Inc., recently […]