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How to Recognize, Stop Microaggressions at Work

“Death by a thousand cuts.” That’s what microaggressions feel like to the affected individual. Read on to learn how to recognize and stop the indignities from happening in your workplace. What are Microaggressions? Dr. Derald Wing Sue, a Columbia University professor and pioneer in the field of cross-cultural studies, defines microaggressions as “brief and commonplace […]

The Long-Term Impacts of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a reality in workplaces around the world, including advanced Western economies that one might expect to be more progressive. Workplace sexual harassment is also notoriously underreported, due in large part to the stigma that is sometimes felt by the victim, the fear of retribution, and the belief that nothing will be […]

Q&A: Workplace Trends to Leave Behind in 2022

As important as it is to predict, adapt, and embrace change, it’s just as important to recognize when the past should stay in the past. Workplace trends are constantly changing. Sometimes, it’s more beneficial to put a strategy to rest than let it overshadow new trends.

Favorites from 2021: Learning & Development

Over the past year, HR professionals have consistently adapted to the COVID-19’s ever changing circumstances. Leaders have found ways for employees to flourish in remote environments, and companies sought out new methods to maintain and develop company culture.

5 Tips for Recruiting Top Tech Talent

With a record 4.3 million Americans having quit their jobs in August, industries across the board are facing a dire worker shortage. Chief among these industries is technology, with a staggering 65% of technology leaders agreeing that hiring challenges are hurting the industry. Tech workers know they have leverage, so it’s in the hands of […]

Leverage and Promote Your Company Mission

The labor market recruiters and HR departments operated in not so long ago was a dream scenario. After the 2008 financial crisis, unemployment reached levels not seen since the Great Depression, and it seemed employers held all the bargaining power when hiring new talent. But the labor market, like any market, can be fickle and […]


How to Find and Retain the Talent You Need in a Help-Wanted World

The historically high worker shortfall is creating unprecedented challenges for companies. To effectively find the talent you need, it’s important to first understand the social factors creating the labor shortage and, from there, adopt a nuanced approach to recruitment that reflects what prospects really want from a job. According to September 2021 data from the […]

Equality in Expectations of Personal Life Obligations

Workplace flexibility has become increasingly important in recent years. That trend has accelerated in the wake of a pandemic involving illness and a forced shift to remote work for many organizations. More than ever, employees expect some flexibility to leave work early or take a long lunch to run an errand, work remotely, and take […]

How Your Communication Methods Impact Company Culture

Communication is vital to a successful organization. With effective communication, people feel comfortable talking to those of all levels of the business, and communication is essential to creating productivity, as giving employees the freedom to ask questions creates strong working relationships. In this article, we will show you how to encourage good communication within your […]

The Surprising Importance of Employer Gifts

Anyone who’s worked long enough in Corporate America has likely had occasion to roll their eyes at a gift received from their company: an ugly t-shirt with the company logo; a pen and notepad seemingly worth less than $1; or countless coffee mugs. Employers are generally aware that the gifts they give to employees aren’t […]