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It’s Party Time! Can Employers Deduct Costs for Internal Networking Events?

In 2020, the employer-employee relationship was forever altered. The COVID-19 outbreak disrupted industries, halted travel, and changed the way employees work. Employers have been forced to adapt to a tight employment market and workers’ needs. Some companies have decided to offer remote work opportunities and flexible schedules. With work from home becoming the norm, employers […]

Is Pressure to Party Putting the Women on Your Team at Risk?

Drinking alcohol has become deeply ingrained in our culture. For women, it’s been especially glamorized through shows like Sex & the City where sophisticated socialites go out drinking cosmopolitans and the Real Housewives series where ladies get together to dish and drink their daily “mommy wine.” Alcohol has become the catalyst that women connect over—it’s […]


The Importance of Psychological Safety at Work

There are a number of factors employees look for in corporate culture. They want to work in an environment where they get along with their colleagues and where the company values closely resemble their own, for example. Psychological Safety in the Workplace One factor that’s become increasingly important is psychological safety. The Center for Creative […]


Coworkers Hate Cheesy Jargon, But to What Extent Can It Be Ditched?

Office slang is great fodder for Internet memes, eye rolls, and coffee mugs, but for those suffering through corporate colloquialisms, that slang can be more annoying than entertaining, research suggests. Communication Habits Can Irk “Almost half of Americans have a colleague they find difficult to work with due to their communication habits, according to new […]

3 Tips for Maintaining Company Culture and Employee Happiness in the Wake of the Great Resignation

Over the past 2 years, we’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemic impact the workforce in myriad ways. First, companies rushed to adopt remote technologies to support their newly remote workforce. Then, they pivoted to ensure a seamless and secure virtual customer experience. These changes were important to ensure businesses could weather the pandemic, but as it […]

Building Belonging: Pronouns at Work

A critical part of helping people thrive at work is creating a safe space to work. Even in supportive environments, many transgender and gender non-conforming people can still expect uncomfortable conversations as they come out over and over again, sometimes every day. In fact, 90% of LGBTQ workers have reported being harassed at some point at […]

How to Create an Exceptional Workplace Culture in Health Care

An African proverb says that if you want to get somewhere fast, go alone, but if you want to go the distance, take a team. We say, why not do both? Technology has allowed us to do more than ever before and increasingly from the comfort of our home office bubbles, but the journey of […]

The Tightrope of Corporate Activism

Business and politics have always been extremely intertwined, but that interplay—at least on the part of corporations—has perhaps become more visible in recent years. Younger generations, which make up increasingly greater proportions of the workforce, tend to demand more from their employers in terms of how they respond to a wide range of political and […]

How to Recognize, Stop Microaggressions at Work

“Death by a thousand cuts.” That’s what microaggressions feel like to the affected individual. Read on to learn how to recognize and stop the indignities from happening in your workplace. What are Microaggressions? Dr. Derald Wing Sue, a Columbia University professor and pioneer in the field of cross-cultural studies, defines microaggressions as “brief and commonplace […]

The Long-Term Impacts of Workplace Sexual Harassment

Unfortunately, sexual harassment is a reality in workplaces around the world, including advanced Western economies that one might expect to be more progressive. Workplace sexual harassment is also notoriously underreported, due in large part to the stigma that is sometimes felt by the victim, the fear of retribution, and the belief that nothing will be […]