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Healthcare Leaders Share Advice on Recruiting

The nursing shortage is placing a heavy burden on health systems and making acquiring new talent extremely tedious. However, the market does continue to grow. According to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in January 2024, jobs in healthcare rose by 70,000, with 17,000 of those positions being in nursing and residential care facilities. […]

Why One CEO Emphasizes Hiring More Efficiently And For Cultural Fit

For Phil Wright, CEO of Memorial Regional Hospital South, attacking labor shortages begins before you even get a potential worker through your doors. Finding ways to recruit and retain staff is a priority for leaders of hospitals and health systems across the country dealing with workforce challenges. However, one part of recruiting that Wright believes […]

Support Culture: How To Keep a Five-Generation Workforce Happy (Part 2)

This is Part 2 in a two-part series. Read Part 1 here. With five generations at work for the first time in U.S. history, HR execs are charting a growing constellation of roles, identities, and life stages in their benefits plans and experiences. The good news? The call for flexibility and help taking care of loved […]

Navigating the Talent Tides: 9 Proactive Approaches to Workforce Optimization in 2024

The U.S. technology and professional service industries witnessed significant workforce challenges in 2023, with a continuous stream of layoffs that showed no signs of abating. These corporations grappled with various accelerating changes, including the evolution of technology, economic uncertainties, and shifts in consumer behavior. This article explores a strategic approach to managing these changes and […]

Planning for Success: HR Managers’ Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is a time when many people set professional goals. As a human resources (HR) manager, the new year might usher in a time of change for your workforce as you roll out new policies, aim to repair broken systems, or set goals to achieve in the upcoming year. So how can employers […]

Recent Survey Points to Growing Employee RTO Fears

The ongoing push for a return to the office has become a contentious issue in many workplaces. Employers, in an effort to reestablish pre-pandemic norms, are adopting various tactics, including withholding promotions, to compel staff back to office desks. This approach, however, is meeting resistance, with a significant 25% of employees considering leaving their jobs […]

Bored No More: Strategies to Conquer ‘Boreout’ in the Workplace

Employee engagement is the lifeblood of a thriving workplace.  We are all familiar with burnout, which can drain the energy and enthusiasm from even the most dedicated employees.  Burnout’s lesser known cousin is boreout.  This phenomenon is a subtle yet potent form of disengagement that arises when employees feel unchallenged, unstimulated, and ultimately bored in […]

HR Trends to Watch in 2024

The world of work is constantly evolving, and the human resources (HR) function is at the forefront of this transformation. As we step into 2024, organizations are grappling with a multitude of challenges and opportunities, from navigating the post-pandemic work environment to addressing the ever-increasing demands of a diverse, skilled workforce. To effectively navigate this […]

The Holiday Present Employers Don’t Want: Mitigating Risk During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is generally a time for celebration. However, employers should be particularly vigilant in their efforts to mitigate risk for employment claims. Below are some issues to keep in mind. Reducing Risk at Holiday Parties Holiday parties offer a great opportunity to connect with coworkers and colleagues. However, employers should consider the risks […]

Best of Learning & Development 2023

At the end of the day, employees are a company’s biggest asset. Learning & Development initiatives are just one of many ways to help bring out your workers’ potential. LinkedIn found that 83% of organizations want to build a people-first culture, and 81% of L&D departments are helping to make that happen. As we near […]