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Key Questions for Compensation Audits

What Is Written? Start with the written documents, says Kleinman. What written documents relate to compensation? Who has them? Who wrote what and when?  What do they say? For example: Plan documents Structures Policies Pay parameters Hiring/Bonus boundaries (approval levels, etc.) How’s Turnover? What turnover levels is the organization experiencing? Functional turnover is created “intentionally,” […]

Compensation Audits: Align Philosophy with Strategy

Why Do an Audit? For the same reason we do financial audits—to fulfill a fundamental obligation, that is, to discover vulnerability. Remember, says Kleinman, who is principal of California-based Dan Kleinman Consulting, someone is always watching, internal and external, and they are evaluating what is going on. Five Reasons for a Compensation Audit There are […]

Why Should You Conduct a Compensation Audit?

There are many reasons to conduct a compensation audit, and the benefits in employee productivity and retention can ripple through the organization. In a BLR webinar titled “Compensation: How to Effectively Manage Base Compensation with Pay Grades,” Dan Kleinman outlined some of the answers you’ll get by conducting a compensation audit. Are you ready to […]