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Scary Court Decision for Employers Creating Copyrighted Content

The creator of the original screenplay for the horror movie “Friday the 13th” could terminate his copyright grant and reclaim it, the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers New York) recently decided. The outcome turned on the screenwriter’s employment status. If your business creates copyrighted material, read on to understand how the decision […]

Market Pricing—Comp Key in 2013

Daniels, Senior Consultant at Keating Advisors, LLC, offered her suggestions at a recent webinar sponsored by BLR and HR Hero. Getting Market Pricing Right Market Pricing is the process of analyzing external salary survey data to establish the worth of jobs as represented by market data, based upon the “scope” of the organization (geography, industry, […]

Wait … I Have to Pay Unauthorized Overtime?

Lott, who counsels employers on policy building and lawsuit avoidance from www.Hunterlott.com, offered his suggestions at SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exposition, held recently in Atlanta Georgia. Personal Relationships Policy Lott is fascinated by personal relationship policies. They typically read about like this, says Lott: “Personal relationships in the workplace are strongly discouraged. A company employee […]

Alice is Smoking in the Dynamite Shack

Lott, one of SHRM’s most popular speakers, counsels employers on lawsuit avoidance from www.Hunterlott.com. Alice is Smoking in the Dynamite Shack Here’s the typical progressive discipline policy that I see, says Lott: “To insure that business is conducted properly and efficiently, you must conform to certain standards of attendance, conduct, work performance and other work […]