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Key Workplace Skills Missing in 2024 Graduates

Speaking very generally, there are various pros and cons to hiring recent college graduates. On the one hand, these graduates may come, fresh from academia, equipped with the latest knowledge and theories in their chosen field. On the other hand, recent graduates—at least those who have taken the more traditional route of moving directly from […]

The Human Advantage: Why Soft Skills Are Crucial in the Age of AI

AI is here, and it will change work as we know it. While some believe AI may replace large numbers of jobs, others argue it will not significantly change the demand for labor, just transform it, and potentially even improve the experience, and quality, of that work. It is only reasonable for such uncertainty to […]

Evaluating Recent Grad Skill Levels

For employers anxiously watching the labor market for signs the pool of available talent is getting larger, recent high school and college graduates are an important demographic. Every year brings millions of new high school and college graduates to the workforce, representing a potentially lucrative pool of labor for employers to recruit from. But do […]


Why Critical Thinking Is So Important

As much as companies may try to restrict decision-making authority to managers and executives, it’s impossible to fully insulate frontline workers from all decision-making.

Train Supervisors to Be Critical Thinkers

Use the following description to teach your supervisors how the critical thinking process works. You can also go over each step of the process in more detail by describing a common workplace situation and then discussing each step trainees would follow to think critically about it. The critical thinking process begins with defining questions clearly […]

Do You Train Supervisors to Think Critically?

The goals of a training session on critical thinking skills should include helping trainees: Understand what critical thinking is and how it can help on the job. Use the critical thinking process effectively to improve job performance. Understanding what critical thinking is leads directly to discussion of how it can strengthen a supervisor’s work performance. […]