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More Ways to Communicate Culture During Recruiting

In yesterday’s Advisor, we noted the fact that trying to assess whether a candidate will be a good cultural fit for the organization is both difficult and important. Sometimes finding the right fit is even more important than finding the right skill set. We also noted that this assessment goes both ways—while the employer is […]

Communicating Culture During Recruitment

Ensuring a job applicant is a good cultural fit is one of the main tasks employers are seeking to accomplish during the interview process. It is often seen as being just as important, if not more important, than having the right skill set and experience. After all, many things can be taught, but if someone’s […]

Should You Allow Employees to Sleep on the Job?

Not everyone gets a good night’s rest. From home obligations to stress, there are seemingly hundreds of reasons why your employees may not be getting the necessary shut-eye each night. Almost all of us have felt the urge to take a quick refreshing nap during the day, and many sleep experts agree that it can […]

‘Culture of help’ benefits the company and the individual

by Dan Oswald Early in my publishing career, I took the “assist” part of my editorial assistant job quite literally, and I would volunteer for nearly every task lobbed at my team by our publisher. After one meeting in which I offered to take on a particularly tedious project, a senior colleague stopped by my […]

A How-To List for Building a Culture of Respect

By Susan W. Kline Experienced HR professionals know that, generally speaking, an employee has no viable claim for sexual harassment unless her workplace has become “hellish.” Nonetheless, savvy employers will take action long before offensive behavior adds up to an actionable claim of sexual (or racial or religious) harassment. By focusing on inappropriate behavior and […]