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How to Use Structured Hiring to Build Inclusive Workplaces

A great hiring process is a business necessity and can be a major competitive advantage—if done right. It’s about more than streamlining paperwork and getting roles filled quickly; your ability to hire the right people in the right roles at the right time is the deciding factor in how well your business performs. As a […]


Will 2021 Be Known as the Great Rehiring?

This year saw so many right turns, but we never did arrive back where we started. Industry experts are trying to make sense of it all so they can help everyone understand what 2021 might look like. Will it be as fraught? Will employees go back to the office or place of work? Let’s take […]


Don’t waste your life thinking about what could have been

by Dan Oswald May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. —Nelson Mandela Life is full of choices. Some big, some small. Every day we are faced with choices, and once we decide between Option A and Option B, we head down a new path. What occurs after we make the choice is a […]