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Get Out of Your Recruiting Rut

Another year is almost in the books, with another on the horizon. If your response is “ho hum,” it’s time to shake things up. Recruiting is a dynamic field, with tremendous opportunity for improvement.

What Looks Like a Magnet May Not Be a Magnet

At RecruitCon Road Trip East in Boston, keynote speaker Kurt Anderson, director of human resources for Definitive Healthcare, a provider of data for the healthcare industry, began his presentation by showing two images, one that looked like a magnet and another that looked like a black lump.

Special from RecruitCon Road Trip East: Making Your Company into a Talent Magnet

According to Kurt Anderson, director of Human Resources at Definitive Healthcare in Framingham, Massachusetts, recruiting is a long game. Eddie Cantor (or maybe Danny Thomas) famously said, “It takes 20 years to make an overnight success,” and it took us 7 years to become a “Best Company to Work For.”


Treating Referrals with Respect

During the lunchtime panel discussion at RecruitCon Road Trip East in Boston the conversation turned to employee referrals. This in itself is not surprising, given that employee referral remains the top source of external hires.