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Walmart and State Governments Dropping College Degree Requirements

In previous posts, we’ve been discussing degree inflation and how it has led many organizations to routinely require levels of education that aren’t really needed for success in the job. Lately, however, there’s been a notable shift in the wind. Several major employers and governments are rethinking the necessity of college degrees for myriad positions. […]

The Evolution of Degree Inflation

In a previous post, we discussed degree inflation and how it often prevents employers from finding qualified applicants. In this post, we’ll delve deeper into the background and history of degree inflation. Defining Degree Inflation Degree inflation, at its core, is the escalating demand for formal educational qualifications for jobs that traditionally haven’t required them. […]

What Is Degree Inflation, and How Does It Hurt Job Applicants and Employers?

Many can relate to finding their dream job online but, after scrolling through the job description, discovering they lack a required qualification. It could be years of experience, type of experience, certification, licensure, or education, for example. The Barrier of Education Requirements For more than 100 million American workers without a college degree, a degree […]