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DEI Faces Increased Legal and Leadership Scrutiny Heading into 2024

In recent years, the conversation around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace has become increasingly complex, influenced by legal decisions and social movements. The past year has seen DEI discussions become highly politicized, a trend fueled by the Supreme Court’s ruling on affirmative action and growing political polarization. Employees Value DEI However, despite […]

Embracing A Holistic Approach to DEI in 2024

The past three years have been an arduous journey for HR leaders to say the least, navigating the landscape of the pandemic, the loss of talent during the Great Resignation, and continued economic uncertainty. Amidst this, I’ve seen first-hand a significant shift emerging within the HR industry– a resounding rise in an employee-first mentality by […]

Embracing Authenticity, Awareness, and Acceptance: How SCOTUS’s Affirmative Action Ruling Will Impact Corporations

For over 25 years now, I have been consulting with companies about diversity and inclusion. This was long before the word “equity” was included. I’ve watched the concepts go from apathy to mild interest to the hottest internal HR and community initiatives that brought the word “equity” into the mix to now diversity, equity, and […]

HR Query: The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Their DEIB Efforts

While some companies continue to make progress in prioritizing DEI, others have cut budgets and laid off DEI leaders who were hired in waves after George Floyd’s murder in 2020. Workplace DEI efforts continue to become part of national political debates, including new anti-DEI policies that constrain companies’ abilities to move the needle forward in […]