How Organizations Must Build DEI Programs Fit for 2024

As organizations navigate the landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) today, their focus has shifted from simply defining DEI and reiterating its importance to focusing on how to successfully measure and achieve its intended outcome: fostering an environment where all employees can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. But how do HR teams […]


5 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

2023 marked an important year for hiring managers, as it brought challenges with labor shortages, looming retirements, and a demand for evolving skills for small to medium sized businesses. But this year, the tide is turning. CEOs of smaller businesses are remaining optimistic about the future of hiring in the coming months due to a […]

Faces of HR: Luck Dookchitra on HR as a Key Business Leader and a Thoughtful Future of Work

Meet Luck Dookchitra, the first Global VP of People at Leapsome, an all-in-one intelligent people enablement platform. Dookchitra not only brings more than 15 years of experience to her role – including leadership roles at Spotify, Teachable, and Modern Meadow – but also a commitment to driving organizational change. “I have been involved in pioneering […]

Kari Mayfield: Pioneering Diversity and Inclusion at Ping Identity

Kari Mayfield’s professional journey offers a unique perspective on the evolving role of diversity and inclusion within the corporate sector. Currently serving as the Global Diversity Inclusion Leader at Ping Identity, Mayfield has navigated a career that spans various industries and roles, leading her to a position where she can significantly impact workplace culture. Her […]

Faces of HR: Laura Selig on Building Positive Work Experiences

Meet Laura Selig, Chief People Officer (CPO) at Model N, a revenue optimization and compliance company. Selig has more than 25 years of HR experience working in a myriad of industries, including financial services and high-tech. Before joining Model N in 2018, Selig led the people functions for high-tech startups, including SnapLogic and Couchbase, and […]

Making Every Employee Feel Valued: The Link Between Gratitude and Employee Mattering

Have you ever wondered why some teams are bursting with energy and innovation, effortlessly achieving their goals, while others struggle to find their rhythm? The secret often lies not in skills or talent but in feeling valued. Imagine being an employee who knows your contributions are not only recognized but deeply appreciated. In such an […]

How to Keep A Five-Generation Workforce Happy

We’re in an unprecedented moment for people leaders. “This is the first time in our history in the United States of having five generations at work,” says Larry Callahan, MA, chief people officer at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Health, which has more than 22,300 workers across 16 hospitals and more than 750 care locations throughout the […]

Are Your Managers Holding Back Company Productivity and Retention?

Now more than ever, the relationship between an employee and their manager plays a significant role in determining job satisfaction. However, a recent study by Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) revealed that 75% of employees consider their managers to be ineffective. According to Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, an engagement and culture thought leader, evangelist and Head of […]

Best of Faces of HR 2023

HR Daily Advisor‘s Faces of HR column is a weekly series, profiling the amazing work being done by members throughout the HR community. Not only do we take a closer look at the successes, challenges, aspirations, and opinions of HR professionals, but we also share personal experiences providing a bit more insight into each individual. This year, […]

Best of DEI Content 2023

This year, there was not only pushback from diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) initiatives by some organizations, but there was also pushback from DEIB programs in various industries. Despite these setbacks, fostering an environment of DEIB is more important than ever – and the businesses that embrace these values are the ones that will thrive […]