Embracing Authenticity, Awareness, and Acceptance: How SCOTUS’s Affirmative Action Ruling Will Impact Corporations

For over 25 years now, I have been consulting with companies about diversity and inclusion. This was long before the word “equity” was included. I’ve watched the concepts go from apathy to mild interest to the hottest internal HR and community initiatives that brought the word “equity” into the mix to now diversity, equity, and […]

Beyond Inclusion: Cultivating a Culture of Belonging in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are imperative to business success, but organizations must go a step further to create a truly inclusive workplace. That’s why we at Model N added an important letter to our initiative: B for belonging. Merely having a DEI strategy doesn’t suffice if it fails to create an environment and culture […]

Faces of HR: Monica Davis on Commitment, Collaboration, and Collective Action

After graduating from Florida Memorial University with a degree in communications, Monica Davis intended to pursue a career in journalism. It was her childhood dream: telling stories that mattered. However, when an opportunity to work in HR presented itself, Davis’s curiosity wouldn’t let her pass it by. “I’ve learned that what drew me to journalism […]

HR Query: The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Their DEIB Efforts

While some companies continue to make progress in prioritizing DEI, others have cut budgets and laid off DEI leaders who were hired in waves after George Floyd’s murder in 2020. Workplace DEI efforts continue to become part of national political debates, including new anti-DEI policies that constrain companies’ abilities to move the needle forward in […]

How to Measure the Success of Your DEI Initiatives 

When businesses begin implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, they may have a lot of ideas about what those initiatives will look like but not how to measure their success. DEI measurements identify areas of risk of exclusion, prioritize initiatives, set targets and program goals, assign accountability, and measure the ultimate impact of the […]

Faces of HR: Susan Lowe Talks Being Courageous & Creating Safe Spaces

Like many of the HR professionals we feature in this column, Susan Lowe didn’t always work in HR. She started her career in people management and loved the people part so much – particularly coaching and developing people – she segued into HR. “I am driven to make a difference, and whilst leadership enables this, […]

Intersectionality’s Role in the Workplace: Fostering Inclusion Needs for All

Intersectionality is a term that describes how different aspects of a person’s identity intersect and interact. It recognizes that individuals aren’t defined by a single identity but rather by multiple identities that can include race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, and many other factors. In the workplace, intersectionality is crucial for promoting inclusion for all employees, […]

The Changing Landscape of Employment Discrimination Prevention in 2023

Change is in the air: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) are adjusting their standard policies and operations to reflect the realities of the current labor market. For example, the EEOC and OFCCP must ensure that emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies don’t lead to employment discrimination […]

Working Across Generations: How Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers Can Collaborate in the Workplace

The modern workforce is a diverse mix of generations, each with its own unique perspectives and work styles. While there are many benefits to having a multigenerational team, it can also lead to conflicts and misunderstandings. But if they respect and understand each other’s differences, people from different generations can work together and do well […]

The Benefits of a Diverse Aged Workforce

With five generations in the workforce, HR leaders and organizations are continually looking for best practices to manage the clashing generations. We recently featured an article discussing how organizations can bridge generational divides. If you still aren’t sure how to cultivate generational diversity in the workplace – or aren’t even sure there are benefits to […]