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Faces of HR: Wes Muschara on Empowering People and Leader Advocacy

As we prepare to kick off HR Compliance Week here at HR Daily Advisor, this week’s Faces of HR column celebrates a professional who continues to help move the needle forward in the compliance industry. Wes Muschara serves as Vice President of Product Management at IRIS Software Group, a global provider of mission-critical software. IRIS takes the […]

Future Human Capital Trends: How to Hire 5 to 10 Years from Now

In part one of this article, I spoke with Brad Denny, Principal at Deloitte, to discuss what its “2019 Human Capital Trends Report” found about what work will look like in 5–10 years and the value of social enterprises. In the conclusion of the interview, we’ll look at the business-critical impact of the human element […]