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HR Issues that Arise when Natural Disasters Hit

Natural disasters raise a host of issues for employers, regardless of whether these employers have a direct presence in the affected areas or whether they have employees residing in or telecommuting from them. Sometimes employers are forced to close or are able to remain open in some capacity, but employees are not able to travel […]

TRICARE Suffers Texas-sized Data Breach

Stop me if you’ve heard this one — a car is burglarized, and hardware goes missing that turns out to have sensitive personal data on thousands of beneficiaries, employees, patients and customers. Same old story — but in the millions this time. Medical information on nearly 5 million military clinic and hospital patients was on backup […]

Hurricane Irene Is Over, So Barring Locusts, Business Recovery and Clean Up Can Begin

In just a few days, the East Coast was struck by an earthquake and Hurricane Irene. As one colleague put it: What’s next, a swarm of locusts? Hopefully, all that is next for businesses adversely impacted by these events is cleaning-up and recovering so that normal operations can resume as quickly as possible. Companies should […]

Creating an Evacuation Plan in Light of the Earthquake? Don’t Forget the ADA

Employers are not required by law to prepare an emergency evacuation plan but if one exists, a plan for building occupants with disabilities must be included. Importantly, the Americans With Disabilities Act permits employers to ask employees whether they will require assistance in the event of an evacuation because of a disability. However, the law […]