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To arbitrate or not to arbitrate? That is the question

by David Johnson Including a mandatory arbitration provision in an employment contract is a trendy thing to do. Is it the right thing to do for your business? Let’s look at some commonly accepted pros and cons of arbitration and dispel some myths. Pros Arbitration is cheaper and quicker. This is usually true because court […]

Employers: Be prepared for an EEOC lawsuit

by Kevin J. Skelly Employers sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) often face more challenging demands for discovery and settlement agreements than companies facing lawsuits filed by individual employees. Let’s look at what you can expect if the EEOC comes knocking at your door. How an EEOC investigation works Employers are often all […]

Practical Tips for Enforcing Arbitration Agreements

by Mark Wiletsky Organizations sometimes require employees to arbitrate claims or disputes that might arise during or after the employment relationship. Workers typically sign arbitration agreements when they’re hired but don’t always want to comply with them when there’s a dispute, and employees’ attorneys often want to present their case to a jury, not an […]