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News Notes: Worker Who Watches TV Church Services Claims Religious Discrimination

Tyson Foods has agreed to change its religious accommodation policies to settle Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charges that the Arkansas poultry processor discriminated against a worker who watched Sunday church services on television. Tyson fired Afton Bolen from his job as a fryer operator for refusing to come in on Sundays, despite its policy of […]

Disability-Related Questions And Medical Exams, Part 2: EEOC Guidelines For Handling Common But Thorny Problems

The EEOC recently released a guidance explaining when it is and is not permissible to ask employees disability-related questions or to require them to take medical exams. In this final segment, we look at how the EEOC says you should handle a number of common but frequently thorny situations involving employee medical information. Documentation When […]

Disability-Related Questions And Medical Exams, Part 1: EEOC Releases Guidance On When You Can Get Health Information From Employees

Five years ago, the EEOC issued rules explaining which medical exams you could require and what health questions you could ask job applicants without running afoul of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Now, newly released guidance from the EEOC helps clear up some of the uncertainty employers face when these types of issues come up […]

Age Discrimination Lawsuits: Replacing A 40-Year-Old With A 56-Year-Old Co-Worker May Not Be As Risk-Free As It Seems

Most employers wouldn’t think that replacing a terminated worker over age 40 with someone who is much older would run afoul of the age discrimination laws. But a new case shows that even a seemingly uncomplicated termination like this can be seen as part of a pattern of age bias when examined under a magnifying […]

Avoiding Retaliation Claims: Why Employee Who Couldn’t Prove Discrimination Still Won $500,000

Francis Iwekaogwu complained for years that he was being discriminated against because of his race, threatening on more than one occasion to file a formal charge against his employer. When he finally sued and went to trial, he didn¹t win any damages for race bias. But it turned out that the jury was much more […]

Investigating Harassment Complaints: Sample Questions To Ask

The new EEOC guidelines on liability for harassment by supervisors emphasize the importance of thoroughly and impartially investigating harassment complaints. Your inquiry should include interviews of the victim, the alleged harasser and other witnesses who might have relevant information. The goal is to find out who was involved, what happened, and when, where and how […]