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News Notes: Free Posters Available On New Labor Department Web Page

The federal Department of Labor has launched a new Web page to help employers comply with posting requirements for a number of federal laws. By answering a series of questions, you can determine which federal posters you must display and then print them directly from the Internet. The Web page also lists who to contact […]

News Note: Government Increases Cost Estimate For Use Of Unemployment Insurance Funds For Family Leave

The federal Department of Labor has increased its projections of the cost of allowing states to pay unemployment insurance benefits to employees out on family leave. Original estimates were as high as $68 million based on the four to six states that initially expressed interest. But now the agency says that the new program could […]

News Flash: Federal Contractors Pay Out Record Discrimination Penalties

According to a new U.S. Department of Labor report, thegovernment collected a record $41 million from federal contractors last year for victims of discrimination. This was up from just over $35 million in 1998. The report also discloses the DOL’s plans to increase the number of government contractors in compliance with equal employment opportunity laws […]

News Notes: Latest Developments In Stock Option Controversy

In the February issue of CEA, we reported on a controversial U.S. Department of Labor advisory opinion that said you might have to include stock option profits in an hourly worker’s base pay and retroactively recalculate overtime figured on the new pay rate. The ruling has come under fire not just from employers, but also […]

Wage And Hour: Department Of Labor Says Retroactive Overtime Calculations Required When Stock Options Exercised

In an advisory opinion that could give employers headaches, the U.S. Department of Labor says you may have to include stock option profits in an hourly worker’s base pay and retroactively calculate their overtime using the new pay rate. Although it’s unclear just how far-reaching this opinion will be, it raises some complicated issues that […]

News Notes: New Health Benefit Brochures Available

The U.S. Department of Labor has released three free brochures to help educate workers covered by employer-sponsored health plans. The brochures address topics such as how marriage, pregnancy, childbirth and divorce affect health care choices; what to do when a child is no longer dependent; how retiring or changing jobs impact coverage options; and how […]

Health Insurance: How To Comply With Complex Notice Requirements Under The New Health Insurance Portability Law-Part

The new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is intended to make it easier for workers to retain health insurance coverage when they switch jobs, by limiting pre-existing medical condition exclusions. Recently, the federal government issued regulations spelling out your obligations under the law.