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Can I Toot My Own Horn?

BLR’s CEO Bob Brady invites you in for a “sneak preview” at something he and a lot of other good people have been working on for a long time. This column is about something I’ve been working on for over a year and something that will, I hope, benefit many of you. (And, if you’ll […]

Hire in Haste, Regret at Leisure

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady In BLR’s nearly 30 years, I’ve hired a lot of people as we’ve grown to our present 225 employees. We have great people, from editors who get their kicks from analyzing regulations (yes, that can be fun!) to customer service reps who enjoy getting the billing and shipping […]

My End-of-Year HR Wish List

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady As Bob Brady (and many of you) will be taking some time off next week, here are his thoughts as one year ends and a new one begins. Bob’s next new column will appear in January. Happy holidays from Bob and all at BLR! I’ve been writing this […]

Growing Within Boundaries

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady Contrary as it may sound, the best way to grow might just be to define limits, says BLR’s CEO. Most of my experience as a manager has involved getting a handle on quickly changing processes. During one 5-year period, we grew from 10 people to 150, going from […]

How I learned to Love Meetings (and Other Truths)

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady Meetings. Don’t you just hate them? You know the joke about holding a meeting to decide whether to hold a meeting? It rings true. Meetings are huge time wasters. Or are they? Over the years I’ve read articles and heard speeches about how to eliminate meetings. “Hold them […]

How to Do Homemade (but NOT Half-baked!) Strategic Planning

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady HR strategic planning doesn’t need to be complex and expensive. Here’s the simple way to get the results without the time and cost. HR—and HR managers—have come a long way in the 30 years that I’ve been a part of the industry. Changing demographics (the Baby Boomers, Generation […]

What HR Managers Should Be Most Proud Of

HR has made a huge contribution toward adding diversity in the workplace. Here’s what we can do to keep a good thing going. By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady If my generation of HR managers has anything to be really proud of and thankful for in this Thanksgiving week, it’s bringing diversity to the […]

Workplace Negativity: Don’t Just Say No

News About the Nationwide EmployeeAttitude Survey Mentioned Last Week Last Friday, we asked if you would be interested in taking part in a nationwide survey of employee attitudes. The interest was there and the survey is a go. But we need your help. Please read more about this by scrolling down to view the National […]

Why Can’t We Just Talk to Each Other?

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady BLR’s CEO ponders improving communications at our company (and yours,) and asks for your help in a way that can benefit all concerned. Every year for the last 10 years, we’ve surveyed our employees about their jobs and the company—an attitude survey. To a very distressing degree, the […]

Jack Welch’s ‘Rank and Yank’ Tactic Questioned by HRDA Readers

By BLR Founder and Publisher Bob Brady Who’s really responsible for the bottom performers in an organization? And what should be done about them? BLR’s founder had his say last week. Now he reacts to yours. Last week’s column advocated “differentiation” among the best, average, and poorest employees, partially based on Jack Welch’s well-publicized theories. […]