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Want Workers to Return to the Office? Try Making It Greener

Amid a heightened war for talent among companies post-pandemic, U.S. employees have higher expectations for green office spaces and want their employers to make eco-friendly practices a priority, according to new research. Hygiene and health company Essity recently conducted a survey of workers who have returned to the office at least part-time and found that the vast […]

A Focus on the Environment to Attract Top Talent

Recruiting and retaining top talent is one of the most essential tasks of any organization. Particularly in the modern economy of the United States and other advanced nations, the human assets of a company often represent the greatest assets overall. Understanding how to bring in and keep top talent is a dynamic endeavor. The things […]

How to Attract Millennial and Generation Z Employees with Eco-Friendly Initiatives

By 2030, millennials and Generation Z (Gen Z) will be the central working force in society. According to the 2018 Deloitte Millennials study, three-quarters of millennials and Gen Z respondents indicated they consider a company’s social and environmental commitments in deciding where to work. Two-thirds even said they would not accept a job that didn’t […]