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What Makes a Good Trainer?

Companies are increasingly appreciating the importance of training and development, and trainers obviously play a key role in these training and development efforts. Training can come from a dedicated training department, which many companies utilize.


Industry Peer, Inspired eLearning, Wins 4 ‘Communicator Awards’

Communication is essential in any organization—hence the motivation behind the Communicator Awards, which bills itself as “the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications.” But these awards aren’t just specific to the marketing arena. As the results of the 25th annual Communicator Awards demonstrate, big players in training and eLearning are being recognized, […]


4 Creative Ways to Make Your Training Relatable

Employee training can mean the difference between mediocre staff and top-notch performers. It can also help employees develop their applicable professional skills (time management, effective communication, etc.), as well as provide industry-specific knowledge and expertise.


What Training Skills Do Your Managers Need?

Managers are often expected to have some role in the training and development of their employees. After all, it’s the manager who oversees the work of his or her staff members. In addition, as the person responsible for the team’s performance, managers have a strong incentive to mold the performance of the individuals who compose […]


Is Cost of Living Hurting Your Chances at Retaining Top Talent?

High property taxes, student loan debt, and stagnant wages are causing many workers to be more selective in where they live and work. Because of this, many employers are missing out on top talent as more workers are choosing quality of life over working for big name brands in expensive cities.


Effectively Managing Communication and Information

The efficient and effective management and distribution of information, as well as improving morale, engagement, and productivity, are hallmarks of any successful organization. Unfortunately, a lot of time and effort is wasted when parts of the organization are relying on information that is inconsistent or conflicting.

Tech Literacy Is Crucial to Your Organization’s Success

In the 21st century digital economy, companies in all industries are becoming “tech companies.” The success of your company depends on your ability to innovate and stay current on the latest technologies. In the past 20 years, we have seen innovation by tech companies become the model for all organizations—open office floor plans, flexible hours, […]

5 Soft Skills Your Employees Need to Learn in 2018

Most businesses understand the importance of soft skills training. It boosts productivity and retention rates 12% and delivers a 250% return on investment based on higher productivity and retention, according to research highlighted in this Forbes article. [Note: we covered the five “hard” skills in a previous post.] Here are the five soft skills your […]


Pay Actions: An Introduction for HR Professionals

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about compensation practices that included a brief look at pay approaches including single-rate pay, step-based pay, and a slew of pay differentials. Taking it a step further, this article is about pay actions and explains the types, why they occur, and how they’re communicated to employees.

Key Traits of Effective Workplace Coaches

In an article for Entrepreneur, Chris Haddon and Jason Balin note that many of us have coaches, mentors, or tutors growing up. Whether we play sports, play an instrument, take an in-depth dive into a specific academic field or just need some additional assistance with schoolwork, we often have someone taking a dedicated and focused […]