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3 Reasons HR Leaders Should Keep Corporate Fitness Centers Running in 2024

We’re almost four years removed from the first days of the pandemic. But the work world continues to evolve. And HR leaders continue to evaluate their employee benefits and what they believe will attract—and retain—key employees. One of those benefits that’s being evaluated are corporate fitness centers. Budgets are top-of-mind with many corporate teams right […]

Employee Benefit Rules: Gifts That Keep On Giving

With a new year underway, there are so many compliance-related items to consider relating to your employee benefit plans. The rules you’re supposed to comply with keep growing and growing—they seem like the gifts that keep on giving (and changing). Here are some of the key items to consider as we head into 2024. Health […]

4 Employee Benefits to Implement This Year

Benefits can feel like one of the drier topics human resources professionals need to be experts in. After all, health insurance is a maze of complexity, forms, codes, and bills—not exactly a crowd pleaser. But benefits are incredibly important to job seekers. Your employee benefits package shows potential employees that you don’t just see them […]

3 Key Workplace Trends for 2024

As we near 2024, business leaders and HR professionals are actively envisioning the upcoming year and strategizing to enhance their operations. No doubt many will be paying close attention to a number of emerging trends, with special interest in the push to end remote work, and the further integration of AI into workflows. However, success […]

Most Common Employee Complaints to HR

Both HR professionals and managers are well aware of the tendency for employees to complain. And, while neither group enjoys dealing with complaints, it can’t be avoided. Some of the complaints could be avoided, though, by being aware of the most common frustrations facing employees and taking steps to head them off before complaints begin. […]

As On-Demand Pay Gains Popularity, Data Shows How It’s Working

Interest continues to grow in programs that allow workers to access at least part of their pay ahead of their regular payday. Surveys consistently show that on-demand pay—often called earned wage access (EWA)—is a popular perk for many employees and employers alike. Employers see it as a way to attract and retain workers, and employees […]

Disconnect Between Employers and Employees on Lifestyle Benefits Highlights Communication Gap

Employers and employees are increasingly appreciating the value of nonsalary compensation like employee benefits. When most people think of benefits, they probably think of health insurance, which is an extremely important benefit. But when virtually all employers offer certain foundational benefits, others try to differentiate themselves by offering premium benefits that support employees’ varied lifestyles. […]

Supporting Your Employees with New Care Responsibilities in 2023

The role of a caregiver can be difficult to balance with a full-time job – and new care responsibilities are growing quickly, affecting millennials as their parents age, ultimately impacting their work performance. According to a recent survey by AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC), nearly one in five workers in the U.S. […]

3 Major Trends HR Teams Should Be Focused on in 2023

HR teams have no shortage of information about employees’ priorities as we enter 2023. Over the past few years, employees have been sharing what they want from their employers: more flexibility, a healthier work/life balance, and a wider range of professional development opportunities. At a time when employees are quitting their jobs at a much […]

The Gig Is Up: Uber Agrees to Pay $100 Million in Dispute Over Drivers’ Employment Status

There’s a growing tendency for workers to request mobility in the labor market. Coupled with this is a growing tendency for businesses to classify workers as independent contractors instead of employees. This phenomenon has been dubbed a “gig” economy. Recently, Uber agreed to pay $100 million to the state of New Jersey to settle a […]