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What HR Professionals Need Know to Prevent Employee Healthcare Data from Ending Up Overseas

In February of this year, the Biden Administration signed an executive order aimed to protect American citizen’s’ personal data, brought about in large part because of the growing awareness that sensitive data, including healthcare data, is being bought and sold internationally. This initiative, combined with a growing number of states enacting laws requiring companies to […]

15 Ways HR Can Protect Employee Data in the Digital Age

Keeping employee data safe is key for organizations, especially for their Human Resources (HR) departments. With many new technologies, HR professionals are in the spotlight to ensure sensitive employee information stays secure. This important job includes having strong data protection steps, following strict rules, and creating a safety-focused culture within the organization. Here are some […]

Virtual Training for Onboarding: Engaging, Effective, and Secure Employee Integration

Susan’s two friends Meg and Alex have embarked on new job journeys, but their experiences couldn’t be more different. Meg is facing a challenging start, expressing her dissatisfaction with a rough onboarding process and a lack of connection to the company. On the other hand, Alex is thriving in her new role, enthusiastically describing a […]

How to Maintain Compliance and Confidentiality in HR

The HR department is critical in ensuring companies comply with employment laws and regulations while maintaining employee confidentiality. Failure to maintain compliance and privacy can have great legal and financial repercussions for the company. Therefore, HR departments need to implement measures that ensure compliance and confidentiality. Here we’ll discuss compliance and privacy in the HR […]

HR Teams Play an Integral Role in Safeguarding Employee Data

One of the weightiest responsibilities for any HR department is the protection of employees’ personal data. Consider the amount of sensitive employee information companies possess: tax documents, Social Security numbers, insurance information, bank account numbers, and candidate data. The major breaches we see in the headlines are typically focused on the theft of customer data, […]

3 Contactless Ways to Collect Employee Data

Employee data is critical for making better business decisions, improving productivity, and reducing turnover. Yet obtaining and storing data can get messy if it’s collected using a traditional method like a paper survey. One way to make the data collection process less challenging is to adopt contactless methods. Aside from the convenience and speed of […]