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Employee Handbook Telework Policies

COVID-19 changed the face of the employment environment for the foreseeable future and beyond. With the proliferation of remote work arrangements, it is essential for employers to define their policies, requirements, and eligibility to engage in remote work programs in order to streamline the process, establish expectations, and avoid legal entanglements. A well-written employee handbook […]

4 Reasons to Update Your Employee Handbook in 2022

Annual reviews of employee handbooks can help you stay ahead of the curve. Prudent employers are proactive, rather than reactive, in being prepared to deal with workplace issues. Here are four key areas of change you should look at in the rest of 2022.

Top 10 Employment Handbook Mistakes

Although most employers at least have an employment handbook, few companies treat it as a priority item. That’s a shame because a handbook presents a wonderful opportunity to communicate with your workforce about your organization’s philosophy, mission, and culture. Companies like Netflix and Nordstrom have demonstrated that handbooks can be effective without being dry and […]

Policies designed to protect employees may do more harm than good

by Jeremy M. Brenner The law prohibits discrimination against employees and applicants based on a number of protected statuses. Employers often implement policies that are intended to benefit workers but actually cause illegal systemic discrimination. Unfortunately, no matter how genuine an employer’s good intentions are, they typically do not excuse it from discriminatory conduct. Read […]

Make Sure Your Handbook is NOT an Employment Contract

Your employee handbook can be interpreted as creating express or implied contracts, says Attorney Allan H. Weitzman; however, disclaimers and receipts can help prevent that from happening.   Employee Handbooks: Every Word Counts One important thing to remember when it comes to handbooks and whether they create contracts is that state law controls, so you […]

Layoff as constructive dismissal: a cautionary tale for employers

By Ralph N. Nero and Keri L. Bennett When is a layoff not a layoff? When it is a constructive dismissal, according to an Ontario judge. McLean v. The Rawyal Limited Partnership reaffirms the principle that unless incorporated as an express or implied term of the employment contract, a layoff may be treated as constructive […]

Make Your Employee Handbook Work for You

Most employers these days have some kind of employee handbook. But oftentimes they lapse into an outdated state, or wind up loaded with all sorts of protocols, procedures, and guidelines — some of which have nothing to do with employment issues.