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Red Flag Flying: Tips for Detecting Employee Embezzlement

Sadly, in the past 12 months, I have been hired to investigate or assist in investigating employee embezzlement more times than in the past 15 years combined. Embezzlement is the theft or misappropriation of funds or property placed in one’s trust, belonging to one’s employer. Employee theft costs are on the rise, and they are […]

My Work Rule Is Legal Today, But What About Tomorrow?

Whenever the White House switches from one party to the other, there are risks because new appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) mean changes will occur in how it interprets and enforces the National Labor Relations Act (Act). Based on a recently issued notice and invitation to file briefs, all signs indicate we’ll […]

age discrimination

No Age Bias in Demoting 51-Year-Old Employee for Lack of Accounting Experience

Former employees alleging age discrimination have the burden to prove the employment decision in question hinged on their age. In a recent case arising in Nebraska, the U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals (which has jurisdiction over employment claims arising in the state) found the federal trial court in Omaha had properly dismissed the age […]


Vote Count Nears in Closely Watched Amazon Union Campaign

The spotlight is shining on thousands of workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Alabama as they vote in a closely watched election where the stakes are high for both union and employer interests. More than 5,000 employees of the facility in Bessemer, a Birmingham suburb, are mailing in ballots in an election to decide […]

Safety incidents: the right to remain silent versus the obligation to speak

by Deanah Shelly What if this happens at your Canadian facility: One of your employees witnesses a workplace incident. Soon, enforcement officers are on-site investigating the incident. They may be police officers, health and safety inspectors, or environmental officers. One of the investigating officers asks the employee to assist and provide a witness statement. What […]

Discipline and Termination: Near-Surefire Lawsuits

In yesterday’s CED, we covered “almost smoking gun” mistakes; today, more mistakes your managers make, plus an introduction to a helpful resource that will automate an important recordkeeping duty and take it off your plate once and for all.

Complying with ADA Regulations for Web Accessibility

Whether engaging in a specific project, such as working with IT to incorporate text-to-speech readers or other assistive technology in your online environment, or carrying out the seemingly simple task of adjusting your hiring and recruiting page, you must be up to date on Web access for disabled employees and applicants. Are you aware of […]