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Your Employees Are PRAYING For a Big Verdict: Understanding Religious Accommodation Issues

Note: This very interesting post is by attorney Allison West, principal of Employment Practices Specialists, in Pacifica, Calif. Thank you, Allison for contributing this to our blog. See below for more about Allison, and a Thompson Interactive Webinar she will be giving on this topic. So, what is a religion, anyway? Not surprising, countless religions exist […]

Employee Leaves: How Do We Get Control of Our PTO Program?

We’ve got a situation around our PTO (Paid Time Off) program. When we first initiated it, people liked it, and we thought that the very clear policy—exceed your accrued PTO days and you won’t get paid for any additional time off—would work well. We figured employees would hoard their days, and that we’d only have […]

Wage and Hour: Can We Dock the Pay of Tardy Employees?

We are having a lot of trouble with employees—both exempt and nonexempt-who come to work late. Our attempts to deal with this haven’t been too successful. In some jobs like the assembly line, punctuality is critical-we can’t run the line without all the people there. In other cases, it doesn’t matter so much as far […]