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Faces of HR: Bryan Otte on Being Proactive, Trust, and HR’s Impact on the Bottom Line

Before Bryan Otte got his start in the HR industry, he had an impressive career serving in executive marketing and operations roles at several of the nation’s leading news and entertainment companies. Prior to joining MGAC, a global boutique consultancy, Otte led his own HR consultancy, where he partnered with a diverse, global client base, […]

Leadership Development Programs Are a Quantified Profit Multiplier—Here’s the Proof

For those tasked with driving organizational growth, whether in HR, an executive role, or a leadership position, what’s paramount is transforming the organization’s coaching and training initiatives into drivers of financial success. The C-suite wants to know that learning and development programs are aligned with the company’s current strategic goals and objectives and gain confidence […]

Executive Coaching—Who Needs It?

We often think of coaching and training initiatives as something that should be targeted at new hires or junior staff. But executive coaching is a prominent activity among big businesses. And that makes sense. After all, no leader starts out as a leader. At some point, they’ve all had to learn what it means to […]

The Nuances of Executive Coaching

It’s easy to look at executives within an organization and think that these leaders have it all figured out. If they only had the time, they’d be the perfect mentors and coaches for others further down the hierarchy of the organization. But this perspective overlooks the simple fact that we’re always learning and growing—regardless of […]

Train Staff to Follow These 3 Steps to Measure the Impact of Your Coaching Program

  Human resources professionals are under ever-increasing pressure to achieve measurable results and return on investment (ROI) from coaching assignments. However, research* suggests that less than 40 percent of organizations review coaching assignments once completed, leaving them with no clear idea of what has been achieved. With budgets remaining tight and development needs still as […]