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Hidden tax penalties often lurk in employment agreements

by Matthew H. Parker Senior-level employees often enter into contracts stating they will receive separation pay if their employment is terminated unexpectedly. For example, employers often promise executives severance pay unless they are fired “for cause.” Other times, a company will promise that an executive can resign and collect severance pay following a change in […]

Survey Says … Executive Compensation Is Up

The BlueSteps Executive Compensation Report, recently released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), reveals that almost half (44%) of executives at the CEO/president level experienced a rise in total compensation in the last fiscal year.

Fewer Exec Compensated with Pensions or SERPs

Nearly three-quarters of newly hired corporate executives are now treated like their rank-and-file when it comes to retirement benefits, with few being offered the traditional “top-hat” defined benefit plan that used to be as common as a company car and stock options for senior managers. In making this transition away from DB plans, however, some […]

6 Design Considerations for Executive Pay Plans

Designing your executive pay plan can be daunting—you need to consider a whole host of factors, such as the company’s goals and the competitive environment. Let’s take a look at some design considerations for effective executive pay plans.

What is Your Executive Compensation Philosophy?

Executive compensation levels can set the tone for the competitiveness of the organization. How a company defines its executive compensation philosophy will determine how much is offered to executives, which will in turn influence the strategic direction of the organization. For example, does your organization strive to hire only people who perform higher than all […]

Executive Pay Plan Design Considerations

Designing an executive pay plan requires a lot of facets to be considered, not the least of which is: how high should executive pay be? But the exact amount is far from the only consideration. How should an organization decide to pay executives? Is there a formula to use? Unfortunately, it’s seldom that simple, and […]