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Biden’s Call for $15 Federal Worker Minimum Wage Seen as Signal of Things to Come

One of President Joe Biden’s latest executive orders calls for the federal government to begin planning how to move toward instituting a $15-an-hour minimum wage for federal employees and private-sector workers that work on federal contracts. Such a move is in line with recent calls from the labor movement for a nationwide federal $15 minimum […]

Trump puts final nail in the coffin: Blacklisting rule ‘gone forever’

President Donald Trump has signed a resolution voiding an Obama-era regulation that would have required federal contractors to disclose employment law violations to agencies that award contracts. His signature was the final step in the repeal process. “It was the stake through the heart of the blacklisting regs,” according to H. Juanita Beecher, of counsel […]

Federal contractors hail Congress’s decision to kill ‘blacklisting’ rule

On March 6, Congress voted to repeal a regulation requiring federal contractors to report employment law violations to agencies that award contracts. President Donald Trump is expected to approve the resolution. The move was expected but is still a great relief to all federal contractors, according to Burton J. Fishman, senior counsel with Fortney & […]

Employers face uncertainty over ‘less disruptive’ new travel ban, H-1B delay

The Trump administration recently implemented two major changes to its immigration policies, and the full effect for employers remains to be seen. Between a replacement Executive Order (EO) on immigration and the suspension of the fast-track process for H-1B (highly skilled) worker visas, employers and foreign employees may soon face new hurdles, albeit fewer than […]

Elections have consequences: Changes in the employment arena are on the horizon

by Judith E. Kramer and Sean D. Lee With the election of Donald Trump, there is no question that there will be upheaval in many areas of the law. Even in the discrete area of labor and employment law, the prognostications could fill many blog posts. In this article, we focus on the employment-related Executive […]

Employers await effects of Executive Order on immigration

While political wrangling over President Barack Obama’s newest Executive Order rages, employers need to understand the impact the immigration order will have on their workplaces. Obama announced what he’s calling the Immigration Accountability Executive Actions in an address November 20. A fact sheet from the White House says the order will “crack down on illegal […]

Delay on immigration reform sparks questions, complaints

by Tammy Binford President Barack Obama’s announcement that he will delay taking executive action on immigration reform means employers won’t get quick answers on when or if changes to the country’s immigration system will come. On June 30, Obama promised he would use his executive power to make changes since Congress wasn’t making progress on […]

Executive Order creates new compliance requirements for federal contractors

On July 31, President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order “to promote economy and efficiency in procurement by contracting with responsible sources who comply with labor laws.” The order will apply to new government contracts worth more than $500,000, and according to a White House fact sheet, it will be “implemented on new contracts in […]

New requirement to offer jobs to predecessor contractor’s workers takes effect January 18

by Judith E. Kramer An Executive Order issued nearly four years ago dealing with employees of federal contractors is set to take effect on January 18. President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13495—Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts—on January 30, 2009. The order requires that contractors and subcontractors acquiring contracts that succeed contracts for […]

Obama Signs Executive Orders Affecting Federal Contractors, Unions

by David S. Fortney At the end of his first full week in office, President Barack Obama took swift action to change employment and labor law. On January 28, he signed the Lilly Lebedetter Fair Pay Act, which relaxes the statute of limitation within which workers can file pay discrimination claims. On January 29, President […]