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Employee Leave Survey Results In—How Do You Compare?

  Personal or “small necessities” leave is offered by 30% of respondents. 99.6% offer 6 or more paid holidays. 29.4% allow some form of leave donation or leave sharing. Scheduling workloads around leave is the biggest challenge.   Leave Types Leave offered Percent offering 6 or more paid holidays per year 99.6% Paid vacation time, […]

Exempt Employees and PTO: Special Considerations

How do you handle exempt employees and PTO together? Why does an employee’s exempt status matter for the purposes of taking time off? It comes down to the decisions employers make when exempt employees do not work a full day. Can an employer require an exempt employee to take PTO for the hours not worked […]

Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt: What are the Rules? (Q&A Part 2 of 2)

In a recent BLR webinar, Austin E. Smith lent his expertise to tell us about some of the challenges employers face when dealing with exempt vs. non-exempt employee classifications. For example, to meet the requirements for an administrative exemption, an employee must pass the “primary duty” test, which says that their primary duties must include […]

Compensation & Benefits Top 10: Summer Wrap-Up

BLR’s 2013-2014 Pay Budget Survey Data: How Do You Compare? The nearly 700 participants in this year’s edition of BLR’s 2013–2014 Pay Budget Survey show 19.2% of employers awarding merit increases of up to 2.5% in 2013 and 42.7% awarding increases of more than 2.5%, with 3.6% awarding increases above 5% of base pay.   […]

Examine winter-weather policy before hazardous conditions strike

Although the calendar shows winter is still a month away, employers would be wise to think now about how they’ll handle the challenges hazardous winter weather will bring. When snow, ice, or other extreme weather shows up in the forecast, employers’ thoughts turn to how weather might prevent employees from getting to work and how […]

Zombies, unicorns, and employment law―oh, my!

by Boyd Byers My 15-year-old daughter is an avid reader. She also has an offbeat sense of humor (which she must get from her mother). So perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised to find a book titled Zombies vs. Unicorns lying around the house. “It’s a question as old as time itself: Which is better, […]

Misclassification mistakes: Know risks and prevention strategies

It’s almost an understatement to call misclassification of employees as independent contractors a hot topic. It’s certainly the subject of a growing list of court cases, government agency investigations, and legislative initiatives. Various agencies at both the state and federal level have been in crackdown mode for a few years now, and it’s no wonder: […]

How to Handle Intermittent FMLA Leave for Exempt Employees

Managing intermittent FMLA leave has many challenges for employers, not the least of which is handling the issue of compensation for exempt employees taking such leave. Since FMLA leave is generally unpaid, yet salaried exempt employees are entitled to their salary regardless of hours worked, how should you proceed when an exempt employee takes intermittent […]

unlimited vacation

Unlimited Vacation Policies: Pros, Cons, and Pitfalls

Unlimited vacation is a growing trend that may be a good way for organizations to provide an incentive or bonus to employees to reward them for good work without increasing salaries or providing bonuses or other kinds of incentives. The concept of unlimited vacation is very simple: Employees can take vacation, personal, and sick time […]