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Getting the scoop: The value of exit interviews

Depending on your vantage point, exit interviews can be an effective way to get information that will improve the workplace, or they’re a waste of time that some employees resent. The idea behind exit interviews is to help employers understand why employees leave so that the employer can make improvements to reduce turnover and boost […]

Exit Interviews: An Underused Tool for Protecting Your Company

HR professionals are frequently asked to do more with less. Moreover, these are challenging times, with companies facing increased employment litigation but having fewer resources for programs to strengthen the quality and longevity of the workforce. Exit interviews represent an effective and inexpensive, albeit little-used, tool for spotting and fixing problems before they turn into […]

Trade Secrets, Confidential Information, and Employee Theft

by John Vering A recent national survey found that 59 percent of employees who quit or were laid off or terminated in the last 12 months admitted to stealing company data, and 67 percent admitted to using their former employer’s confidential data to find a new job. Read on to learn what you can do […]

Conducting Exit Interviews

Terminations are an inevitable part of employment, but despite their seemingly routine nature, even voluntary terminations can present a host of potential problems for employers. When handled properly, however, they can provide you with a valuable opportunity to gain insight into your organization, correct previously undetected problems, and increase your retention rate. For those reasons, […]

Employment Law Tip: What’s the Purpose of Exit Interviews?

Exit interviews are normally held with employees who have decided to terminate their employment or who have been discharged for cause. One purpose of conducting these interviews is to give departing workers the chance to express their thoughts, whether positive or negative, about the resignation or termination decision, as well as to offer their suggestions […]