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Answering the Challenge of Talent Retention Among Gen Z and Millennial Workers

In the aftermath of the pandemic, businesses across the globe grappled with unprecedented workforce challenges. Amidst the turbulence, a particular narrative emerged, casting Gen-Z and millennial workers in a controversial light. Critics hastily attributed a perceived decline in work ethic to those younger demographics, sparking widespread debate about their commitment to work. However, these oversimplified […]


Building a More Equitable Future: The Case for Affordable Family-Forming Benefits in the Workplace

In the challenging landscape of today’s workforce, the importance of health equity has surged to the forefront of employer responsibilities. Incorporating affordable family-forming alternatives into employee benefit packages plays a vital role in the pursuit of equity.  This strategy not only targets the disparities in health equity but also ensures that individuals across diverse backgrounds […]

Best of Benefits & Compensation 2023

Benefits and compensation are an integral component of the HR space. They can directly influence retention and employee engagement, as they span the health, financial, and work/life balance spaces. According to SHRM, the top 5 benefits categories that mattered most to employees were health-related, retirement, leave, flexible working, and family-friendly benefits. So, what should HR […]

5 Key Strategies for Affordable Family-Forming Benefits

A convergence of several megatrends has cast a spotlight on employers’ need to be more strategic about recruitment and retention of top talent. One answer is through more robust and personalized benefit packages that are accessible and affordable. A tightening U.S. labor market continues to challenge HR departments and C-suites alike. Mounting frustration over pandemic […]

Advancing Well-Designed Benefits—Even in Times of Layoffs—Is the Right Choice

Jade and Cristina, like thousands of software engineers in their early 30s who dream of starting families, have worked long hours and built solid networks. Their careers are advancing nicely. Typical of tech employees in their generation, each chose to work for a company that supports work/life balance and offers attractive family-building benefits, and both […]

Expanding Your Family Building Benefits Beyond Fertility in 2023

It’s International Women’s Day, so here at HR Daily Advisor we’re highlighting an important topic that isn’t discussed enough: fertility and family building benefits. While these types of benefits have gained much-needed attention over the past few years, organizations can do more to help their employees throughout every stage of their family building journey. In […]

Why Family-Building Benefits Have Become Essential in Today’s Workforce

More and more, employers are offering family-building benefits with much more than just parental leave as part of their core compensation packages. In fact, these benefits are integral to attracting and retaining diverse talent, including heterosexual and same-sex couples, as well as single-intended parents, and to attracting top candidates across all industries. Increasingly, a benefits […]