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Prescription for Employee Financial Wellbeing? Start with an FSA or HSA

With inflation continuing to drive prices upward on a broad range of products and services, financial wellness is top of mind for nearly everyone. According to a recent Bank of America survey, 62% of employees are stressed about their finances and 71% feel the cost of living is outpacing growth in their income. All told, […]

Best of Benefits & Compensation 2023

Benefits and compensation are an integral component of the HR space. They can directly influence retention and employee engagement, as they span the health, financial, and work/life balance spaces. According to SHRM, the top 5 benefits categories that mattered most to employees were health-related, retirement, leave, flexible working, and family-friendly benefits. So, what should HR […]

5 Economic Markers of Weakening Financial Wellness in the U.S. and How Benefits Leaders Can Help

Seventy percent of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck, per a survey conducted by OnePoll and AmeriLife. The signs can be hard to recognize; even if you don’t see it, there’s a good chance this struggle is shared by most of the employees in your workplace. And there are growing signs throughout the economy that […]

Why It’s Important to Financially Mentor Your Employees

Some of your employees dream of being financially independent entrepreneurs, and others fantasize about retiring early, but all of them need financial wellness. Research tells us that 63% of U.S. employees are weighed down by financial stress. Their anxiety makes sense when you consider that, on average, only 47% can cover expenses during a break […]

3 Ways Employers Can Support Working Parents During Back-to-School Season

On the heels of summer comes a tumultuous time for working parents: back-to-school season. No sooner have they sorted out their dizzying summer schedules and pieced together summer child care—a nightmare for many—than the start of the school year arrives to once again upend their routines and budgets. The National Retail Federation estimates parents will […]

Partnering with ERGs Presents a Clear Way to Close America’s Racial Wealth Gap 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made a plea back in 1966 to close the racial wealth gap between white and black America, calling this discrepancy a “structural part of the economy.”   Now, despite nearly 60 years of supposed progress, the racial wealth and financial wellness gap remains largely unmoved. In fact, with rampant inflation and […]

How Matt Bahl is Shaking Up HR with Empathy & Support

Matt Bahl has been involved in the field of human resources (HR) for nearly a decade. For our latest Faces of HR profile, we sat down with Matt to discuss how he got his start in the industry, his biggest influences, as well as his “best mistake” and what he learned from it. “First off, […]

Working Parents Face Increased Financial Stress and Inadequate Benefits

The much-discussed Great Resignation has forced a refocusing in the conversation surrounding the needs of hourly workers. Faced with labor shortages, many employers are reassessing how their workers are treated, from hourly wage increases to financial incentives like signing bonuses, down to the benefits offered to hourly employees. For the most financially precarious, however, the […]


Bad Debt Happens to Good People

A recent CreditCards.com survey revealed that 59% of American credit card holders—110 million Americans—were in credit card debt before COVID-19. And it wasn’t frivolous spending. Twenty-six percent said that day-to-day expenses like groceries, child care, or utility payments were the biggest factors in their debt balances.