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Early termination of fixed-term contract proves costly

by Jacqueline Gant The highest court in Ontario recently ordered an employer to pay out a whopping three years of compensation to a 23-month employee terminated without cause. The employee was entitled to his full salary and benefits for the remainder of the five-year fixed-term employment contract. The contract did not clearly say otherwise. In […]

Unfixing a fixed-term contract

by Eowynne Noble In a recent good-news decision, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice shed new light on how damages should be awarded if a fixed-term contract is terminated early and the termination provision is unenforceable.

Sports Agency and Former Employee Take (non) Competition into Courtroom

By Kyla Stott-Jess Hollywood’s portrayal of sports agencies presents a world that is dramatic and cut-throat, with ambitious sports agents competing for the chance to represent talented athletes. A recent court decision in Alberta brought this competitive business into the courtroom when a sports agency squared off against a former employee. It also provides several […]