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Tips for Fine-Tuning Workplace Vaccination Policies During Pandemic

With colder weather beginning to creep in, many employers are looking at their influenza vaccination policies with fresh eyes. COVID-19 and the seasonal flu share common symptoms, which can complicate your efforts to prevent their spread. With the nation’s healthcare system already stretched thin because of the coronavirus crisis, a potential flu outbreak could cause […]


What to Consider Before Encouraging or Requiring Flu Shots

Fall is here and many employers are getting anxious about flu season. With COVID-19 still unchecked, they could soon find themselves in the position of battling staffing challenges and employee health issues from two dueling infections.

Mandatory Flu Shots: Can You Make Employees Roll Up Their Sleeves?

Believe it or not, summer is almost over, and it’s time to think about flu vaccines again! How effective will the shots be this year? Will you and your family get them? Can you require your employees to be vaccinated? Many employers believe that employees should be inoculated to keep the workforce healthy and the […]

Employers’ Flu Worries Go Beyond Germs, Attendance

This year’s influenza outbreak has sickened millions of people across the country, leaving employers struggling to cover for employees who are out sick and searching for ways to prevent others from coming down with the flu. But dealing with germ control and sick days is only the beginning. Legal issues also can come into play.

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Flu season’s legal issues nothing for employers to sneeze at

It’s bad enough that flu can make people miserable and hamper an employer’s operations, and it may be even worse when employees decide to power through and come to work sick, thereby spreading the misery. But besides dealing with the illness, employers have legal and policy issues to consider, including whether they can require employees […]


Time to make sure you’re ready for flu season

Ebola may be grabbing headlines, but it’s the old familiar flu that’s more likely to cause headaches and chills for employers this winter. Flu.gov reports that nearly 111 million workdays are lost as a result of flu each season. That puts the tab at approximately $7 billion per year in sick days and lost productivity.  […]


Common question of the season: Can employees be required to take a flu shot?

It’s flu season, a time when every cough and sneeze can strike fear into the hearts of both employees and employers. Nobody wants to come down with a coworker’s case of flu, and employers needing all hands on deck don’t want significant numbers of workers out sick. Therefore, some employers—particularly those in the healthcare field—mandate […]

Veganism may be a religious belief requiring accommodation

by Rebecca A. Kopp The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio has expanded the practices that may be considered protected religious views. The court refused to dismiss a vegan employee’s federal and state religious discrimination claims and permitted the parties to engage in further discovery (the pretrial exchange of evidence relevant to […]

Benefits Other Than Health Insurance Survey 2012

Employee benefits other than wages have evolved over the years as companies look for new ways to retain good employees, boost employee morale, and encourage employee loyalty. Each year, we at HRHero and BLR survey our readers to find out what benefits they offer and how their benefits plans are decided and change to fit […]