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Looking at the ‘10 Facets of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion’

When people think of “diversity and inclusion” (D&I), invariably their minds immediately go to racial and ethnic identity, with gender likely coming in a relatively close second. Indeed, both the presence and the inclusion of women and people of color represent key elements of any D&I strategy; however, the diversity of human beings spans far […]


Women Supporting Women around Recruitment and Retention

Try and discover reasons women are not applying for jobs at your company. You can start by looking at your job announcements and recruitment. Examine the way your jobs are advertised, the networks they’re being sent to, or whether recruiting is being done with a recruiting company that isn’t focusing on women applicants.

Survey Says … Executive Compensation Is Up

The BlueSteps Executive Compensation Report, recently released by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), reveals that almost half (44%) of executives at the CEO/president level experienced a rise in total compensation in the last fiscal year.

HR’s Trends and Traps 2014

What Are the Big Changes for the 21st Century? Schickman’s crystal ball suggests that the issues below will be drivers of 21st century change. (Schickman was the keynoter at the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium, held recently in Las Vegas.) Boomer retirement Societal entitlements Medical insurance Nontraditional family units Challenges to privacy Lack of job security […]

Gender Pay Gaps—Which Occupations Are Worst?

Pat Shiu, Director of the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, was joined for the chat by Latifa Lyles, Acting Director of the Women’s Bureau (WB), and Jennifer Hunt, chief economist at the Department of Labor (DOL). [Go here for yesterday’s questions and answers] Question from Annalyn Kurtz: In what occupations is the pay gap […]

Gender Pay Gap? Readers Respond … and How

And some men think the pay gap discriminates against men, not women. Here are the comments (boldface is ours): What about the pay gap between men and women holding the same position, such as happened to Lily Ledbetter? It’s not just a matter of women not seeking out the highest paying jobs–those who do often […]

Study Finds Women Gaining Ground as Chief Executives

A recent study conducted by Equilar of CEO turnover in the S&P 1500 has found that women are finding some foothold in the traditionally male-dominated roles of CEO. A March 2011 study by Catalyst found that while women comprise nearly half (46.7 percent) of the U.S. workforce, they make up only 2.2 percent of the […]

Sixth Circuit Affirms Decision to Lay Off Predominantly Female Departments

As more and more companies struggle in this tough economy, many are forced to implement reductions in force (RIFs) and layoffs. Often, RIF decisions lead to litigation if not properly planned. In a recent case, the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals held that an employer didn’t discriminate against employees based on gender even though […]