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Are You Training Employees to Help Prevent Violence in Your Workplace?

The material in today’s Advisor is adapted from BLR’s PowerPoint® training presentation Preventing Workplace Violence: What Employees Need to Know. Workplaces mirror the society in which we live. The workplace reflects the best qualities of society—and some of the worst. One problem that the workplace shares with the rest of society is violence. Although the […]

Make Your Safety Training Program OSHA-Compliant

Many industrial jobs require employees to have specialized knowledge and skills, and to be prepared to deal with a special set of serious hazard exposures. OSHA-mandated specialized training requirements are found in a number of standards. For example: Hazard communication of chemical, carcinogen, and radiation hazards (29 CFR 1910.1200) Combustible dust (29 CFR 1910.22, 269, […]

Steps to Reduce Conflict, Prevent Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the workplace is one of several concerns when you have conflict between employees. HR professionals need to take complaints and investigations seriously to ensure that situations don’t escalate, and they also need to be sure that safety and other legal obligations are being met. In a BLR webinar titled “Workplace Conflict Resolution: Peacekeeping […]

OSHA Applies to All Businesses

At a top-level management meeting of Unsafe Corporation, located in midtown Manhattan, the newest addition to the legal department, Eager Beaver, inquired into the company’s efforts to ensure Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act) compliance. Laughter was heard around the table, punctuated by the CEO chiding, “The OSH Act doesn’t apply to us. Where […]