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Workforce Shift: From The Great Resignation to a Great Talent Stagnation

The U.S. workforce is facing a critical moment of talent stagnation, marking a shift away from the disruption of The Great Resignation. Today, employers say they are struggling to fill limited open roles due to a lack of well-qualified applicants, meaning less new talent is coming into the fold. Meanwhile, workers are now looking to […]

Thinking ‘Outside the Box’: How Successful Leaders Overcame Their Limiting Beliefs, and How You Can Too

The concept of ‘thinking outside the box’ has become more than a mere cliché in the leadership arena. It represents a crucial element of successful leadership, especially in today’s rapidly changing and complex world. Leaders who challenge conventional thinking, embrace innovation, and inspire their teams to follow suit are the ones who truly make a […]

Embracing a Growth Mindset

Mindset is everything. Research by Carol Dweck indicates that having a growth mindset is the key to success in almost every area of life. People with a growth mindset believe that any skill can be learned through hard work, consistent effort, and persistence. Those with a fixed mindset, though, believe that people are naturally born […]

Quiet Quitting and Bare Minimum Mondays May Be Risky Business

What a difference a few months make! Starting in early 2021 and spurred by the emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19, piled on top of long-standing grievances, the Great Resignation peaked in mid-2022. While resignations have tapered off in 2023, workers’ leverage in the employment relationship didn’t immediately follow suit. The second half of 2022 […]

Today’s HR Leaders Must Play Both Offense and Defense When Managing a Workforce Reduction

2023 is not just another year of disruptions. It’s a year in which business and HR leaders must play defense and offense at the same time. This means performing a realistic appraisal of the current situation—inflation, recessionary concerns, and geopolitical instability—and making defensive adjustments to the business that may involve cutting back on staff. At […]

Cultivating a Growth Mindset Among Workers

The global economy is incredibly dynamic, meaning that technologies, strategies, and mindsets that are successful today may be less successful or even counterproductive in the near future. Today’s economy is also highly driven by human talent as one of the most important assets an organization possesses. Combined, these two features of the modern economy mean […]