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The Power of Soft Skills in the Age of AI

While it’s expected that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace certain job functions, the emergence of ChatGPT and other generative tools has everyone from content creators to software developers wondering about the longevity of their careers. But humans have something AI doesn’t—the ability to understand and connect with other humans. So, how do enterprises find the […]

The Modern Hiring Landscape: Spotting Red Flags and Harnessing AI

Even though many reports suggest that the U.S. labor market has cooled, employers are often still struggling to find top quality talent. In many industries, while there may be a large number of job applicants, few meet all of the hard- and soft-skill requirements necessary for the position. While running short-staffed for months or longer […]

Why Skills-Based Recruitment Could be the Solution to Talent Shortages

Identifying and hiring the right talent has long been one of the top recruitment challenges, and the ongoing skills crisis has become HR’s latest headache. While millions of fresh graduates walk out of university with a bachelor’s or master’s degree every year, many companies are still having trouble finding people with the right skill sets […]


What Universal Skills Should All Employees Have?

Employee training programs often focus on company-specific, industry-specific, or role-specific skills and knowledge. For example, a bank might regularly train employees on new banking regulations; a warehouse might train workers on the company’s process for storing certain types of products or materials; and a marketing department might train its staff on new social media trends.

Soft skills

Training for Soft Skills 101

When it comes to employee training, it’s important to have a clear idea of what trainees are expected to gain from the training process. This could include specific skills—how to operate a forklift, how to complete the monthly accounting checkout, etc.—but it can, and should, also encourage the development of what some would call soft […]


Most Needed Skills for 2019: Hard Skills

In a previous post, we discussed Paul Petrone’s recent LinkedIn research, which focused on the skills companies need most in 2019. He splits them into two categories; soft skills and hard skills.