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How to Enhance Your Healthcare Offerings in a Tight Labor Market

The post-pandemic race is on to attract new employees—and as HR and finance executives both know, the solution can’t always be higher wages. Fortunately, other factors still mean a lot to jobseekers in the revived economy. Casual Fridays and office snack bars may help, but as research shows, health insurance is still at or near […]


Companies Are Expanding and Personalizing Benefits to Compete for Talent

Recent research shows that organizations are continuing to attract and retain top talent by offering personalized and expanded employee health benefits. Employees and candidates have high expectations when it comes to such benefits, and employers have been forced to accommodate those expectations. Specifically, they are focusing on lifestyle benefits that go beyond health care.


Workers Indicate Need for More Education and Guidance on Health Care

A new survey conducted among 1,100 American workers reveals their need for education and guidance when it comes to their healthcare benefits.   The survey, conducted by Zogby Analytics on behalf of WEX Health, a healthcare financial technology platform provider, sought information about how consumers view and engage with their healthcare benefits by asking workers about […]

Prepare Now for Association Health Plan (AHP) Rule Changes

Small business owners and HR teams know that a competitive benefits program can be a difference maker when recruiting top new hires or attempting to retain homegrown talent. But limited resources often leave small businesses frustrated and fighting for attention from advisors or cobbling together their own plans. Fortunately, a proposed rule modification for Association […]