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Ask The Expert: Holiday Time To Pay or Not To Pay?

Question: Would it be noncompliant to require employees to work both the day before and the day after a holiday in order to receive holiday pay? Also, would it break any pay laws not to provide holiday pay to an employee who calls out sick before a holiday? Answer: Federal law doesn’t require pay for […]

Holiday season and winter weather: employer mini survival kit

by Shawntel Hebert The month of December is here, and depending on your industry, you may find your company in a very busy or fairly slow period. Whether you’re busy or slow, December also brings holiday festivities and the onset of winter weather. In the midst of planning for holiday staffing and preparing for inclement […]

How to stay off the DOL’s naughty list during the holiday season

by Julie A. Moore Even without the eggnog fog and the distracting visions of sugar plums dancing through everyone’s heads at this time of year, the holidays can be a tricky time for complying with employment laws related to wage and hour and leave issues. Here are some FAQs we typically see from HR professionals […]

Ask the Expert: Holiday Pay for Probationary Employees?

Question: Our company has a probationary period of 90 days for all new hires (both exempt and non-exempt) that does not allow holiday pay until after the probationary period is met. I read under DOL that FLSA does not require private employers to provide holiday pay. Are we violating any rules?

Ask the Expert: Must These Fired Employees Receive Holiday Pay?

I have a question on holiday pay.  A non-exempt employee called out the Friday before Memorial Day. Because of other issues, he was told not to come in the Tuesday after Memorial Day. That Tuesday, we came to a mutual decision to end employment. Should he be paid for Memorial Day? Another employee called out […]

Scheduling, seniority issues, and holiday pay

by Jennifer L. Anderson Ebenezer Scrooge is the most infamous of employers — overworking and underpaying his employees, denying their vacation requests, and spreading holiday misery rather than holiday cheer. Fortunately, A Christmas Carol is fiction, and times have changed. These days, most of you decorate your offices, accommodate employees’ vacation requests, provide standard holidays […]

The FLSA and holiday pay for temporary employees

by Craig Olivo Q: We recently hired a temporary employee for a position that is classified as exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). With the holidays quickly approaching, will we be required to pay the temporary employee for the holidays observed by our company? A: The FLSA doesn’t require payment for time that […]

A Holiday Wage and Hour Checklist: Are You Naughty or Nice?

By Jeff Gilbreth and Gauri Patil As the holiday season ramps up, many of us will be spending time with family and friends, attending holiday parties and preparing for another new year. While this is certainly a fun and joyous time, we are here to remind employers that various wage and hour pitfalls are lurking […]